Cooling Relief After Sun Gel - £ 18.00

  • Capacity: 150ml

Thanks to the ultra-light formula the gel absorbs quickly and immediately soothes the skin. Valuable formula enriched with precious aloe vera pulp juice perfectly moisturises the skin, making it smell subtle and fresh.

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Enzymatic Facial Peeling - £ 10.50

   Capacity: 50ml

This is a great alternative to traditional scrubs. The product gently removes dead cells, lightens dark spots and effectively cleans your skin, stimulating its natural regeneration processes. In addition, thanks to such ingredients as aloe vera extract and allantoin, it soothes irritation and hydrates your skin. The scrub leaves your skin smooth and soft.- designed for all skin types, especially sensitive skin

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Facial Gel-Cream (50ml) - £ 11.50

This 50 ml Facial Gel-Cream is a part of Aloe Vera Collection.

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Intimate Hygiene Wash (200ml) - £ 10.50

This 200ml Intimate Hygiene Wash is a part of Aloe Vera Collection.

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Multifunctional Gel - £ 18.00

Contains nearly 100% of its moisturising and revitalising Aloe Vera from organic plantations in Mexico, as well as soothing allantoin and panthenol. It is easily absorbed and leaves no oily film.

▪    perfect for face, body and hair
▪    for all skin types
▪    a must-have in every cosmetic bag
▪    with a pleasant, fresh fragrance
▪    suitable for vegans

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Peel-Off Facial Mask (50ml) - £ 11.50

This 50ml Peel-off Facial Mask is a part of Aloe Vera Collection.

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Rich Revitalising Facial Mask - £ 11.00

  • Capacity: 50ml

Thanks to the power of active ingredients it works in two ways: it cleanses and detoxifies your skin and intensively nourishes and remineralises it. It contains, among others, green tea and boswellia extracts, which refresh and tone your skin, and aloe vera and liquorice root extracts, which soothe irritation and stimulate the regeneration of the epidermis.

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