3 in 1 Face Cleanser (200ml) - £ 11.90

After shave (100ml) - £ 10.50

Amaranth Orchid Vitamin Body Mist (75ml) - £ 8.99

Anti-ageing Day Cream (50ml) - £ 30.00

  • Collection: Gold Regenesis
    Capacity: 50ml
    Visibly reduces wrinkles, restores the skin’s elasticity and provides it with optimum moisturisation.

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Anti-ageing Eye Cream (20ml) - £ 26.00

  • Collection: Gold Regenesis
    Capacity: 20ml
    Restores firmness and smoothness to the delicate skin around the eyes. It fights signs of ageing and discolouration.

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Anti-ageing Night Cream (50ml) - £ 30.00

  • Collection: Gold Regenesis
    Capacity: 50ml
    Nourishes, moisturises and intensely regenerates the skin whilst reducing wrinkles and modelling the shape of your face while you sleep.

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Anticellulite Body Balm (300ml) - £ 15.50

Complete Care Shower Gel - £ 7.30

Perfectly cleanses the skin leaving the feeling of softness. For all skin types, even for children from
3 years of age. Contains the almond oil, which prevents the skin from lack of moisture and intensively moisturises and smoothes the skin. The pantenol and alatonin has soothing properties.
- creates a delicate foam and contains gentle washing ingredients

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Cooling Relief After Sun Gel - £ 18.00

  • Capacity: 150ml

Thanks to the ultra-light formula the gel absorbs quickly and immediately soothes the skin. Valuable formula enriched with precious aloe vera pulp juice perfectly moisturises the skin, making it smell subtle and fresh.

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Exclusive Anti-Aging Invisible Face Cream SPF50 - £ 60.00

  • Capacity: 50ml

A sophisticated combination of the highest quality ingredients and advanced technology. Thanks to the innovative formula it ensures multi-dimensional skin care and protection. The synergistic effect of nutrients makes the skin deeply moisturised, nourished and regenerated. A highly effective UVA/UVB  filter system works as a protective layer against skin photoaging and discolouration. The unique, transparent consistency spreads well and is easily absorbed into the skin. Excellent makeup base. Treat your skin to the luxury it deserves!

Perfect combination of carefully selected ingredients:

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Expert Sunscreen Spray for Kids SPF50 - £ 29.50

  • Capacity: 150ml

An innovative formula contains a highly effective UVA/UVB filter system, which not only helps to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun but also ensures easy application.  Thanks to the light foam consistency the product absorbs immediately and its sweet strawberry scent makes sun protection a real fun. This is a truly unique product that both parents and their children will love!

  • Precious dipeptide – carnosine – not only helps to protect the skin

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Face Serum (30ml) - £ 15.50

  • Collection: β-Glucan Active
  • Capacity: 30ml

Innovative, intensely acting cosmetic for every skin type, especially recommended for skin with broken capillaries, with acne, for sensitive, tired and over-dried skin. Recommended for regular use instead of a cream, especially in the morning and evening, as well as topically on areas of the face and body that require special treatment. Allergen-free.

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Gold Regenesis Anti-ageing Gel Toner (150ml) - £ 17.00

Golden Foam Self-Tanner Fair Skin (150ml) - £ 13.90

  • Capacity: 150ml

Lets you get the sun tan effect after the first use! Gives the skin a delicate, golden c

olour which gets more intense in 3-5 hours. Very efficient. Nourishes the skin.
- tan effect that lasts up to several days
- without streaks, smudges and stains

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Golden Foam Self-Tanner Medium Skin (150ml) - £ 13.90

  • Capacity: 150ml
    Lets you get the sun tan effect after the first use! Gives the skin a delicate, golden colour which gets more intense in 3-5 hours. Very efficient. Nourishes the skin.

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Moisturising Body Balm (300ml) - £ 14.50

  • Collection: β-Glucan Active
  • Capacity: 300ml

Moisturises and nourishes the skin giving it firmness and elasticity. For the care of every skin type.

  • ß-Glucan Active is a range of skin care products which are based on an innovative and natural ingredient – oat beta-glucan that has recently been discovered by scientists. These universal cosmetics are recommended for both women and men, regardless of their age. Their effects are marvellous!

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Nourishing Hand Cream - £ 9.00

  • Collection: Complete Care
  • Capacity: 100 ml

Thanks to its rich formula it visibly improves the condition of the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. It contains urea and glycerine, which penetrate the skin providing intensive and long-lasting hydration. The soothing panthenol calms irritation and valuable oils – coconut and avocado – nourish, regenerate and lightly lubricate the skin.

- it spreads easily and is quickly absorbed
- it leaves a delicate film on the skin to prevent it from becoming dry
- hypoallergenic

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Perfumed Body Mist - £ 16.00

  • Collection: Perfumed Cosmetics
  • Capacity: 150 ml

Is like a sea breeze on your skin, providing an immediate refreshing effect. It leaves a beautiful scent of PURE parfum on the skin.

- contains an exquisite emollient – coconut oil dispersed in water with a skincare effect
- ideal for hot days as an alternative to perfumes

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Shaving Foam For Women 18 - £ 8.30

Easy and pleasant shaving without irritation! A gentle formula for legs, and the sensitive armpit and bikini areas. Smooth and soft skin is a way to make you feel beautiful, confident and free.

•  effectively softens hair to ensure precise and comfortable shaving
•  contains allantoin that perfectly relieves the skin and prevents any redness
•  softens the skin, leaving it soft and pleasant to touch
•  matches Pure Parfum 18

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Smoothing Hand Peeling - £ 9.50

  • Collection: Complete Care
  • Capacity: 100ml

Give your hand's skin smoothing therapy that will make it incredibly soft, hydrated and more elastic. Thanks to volcanic pearlite and powdered walnut shell the exfoliator gently removes the dead cells stimulating their restoration. Thanks to the soothing effects of panthenol and allantoin as well as triglyceride your hands will become your most beautiful asset.

- it perfectly smooths even the driest and most chapped skin
- it is an ideal preparation of the hand's skin for further phases of the skincare routine
- it spreads easily on the hand and has a delicate, pleasant aroma, which makes the hand exfoliation routine truly relaxing

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Softening Foot Scrub - £ 9.50

It effectively removes calloused skin. Thanks to the content of allantoin and glycerine, it visibly smooths and softens rough and dry foot skin. Shea butter and vitamin E, with their moisturising qualities, will give your feet a healthy look.

• developed from exfoliating, natural granules from apricot pits, walnut and almond shells 
• with a refreshing and relaxing wild water mint extract

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Ultra Moisturizing Foot Cream - £ 9.50

It strongly moisturises even very dry foot skin. Thanks to its softening and smoothing ingredients, it is a perfect ally in your skin care routine for cracked heels. If used systematically, it reduces the thickened epidermis.

• with a high urea content 
• with nourishing beeswax, shea butter and macadamia oil 
• makes foot skin soft and supple again

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